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Construction? Didn't Get Paid? Call Us To Get Started
Construction? Didn't Get Paid? Call Us To Get Started
Construction? Didn't Get Paid? Call Us To Get Started
Why Choose Lien Lawyers, PLLC?
Why Choose Lien Lawyers, PLLC?

We are the go-to law firm for contractors and suppliers that need legal assistance to get paid the money they are owed for labor and materials.

  • We specialize in construction law
  • We will prepare, file, and serve all necessary documents
  • We provide legal assistance to construction businesses at a flat, reasonable fee
  • We help your company get paid what is rightfully owed to you

What are Mechanic’s Liens?

Our Process For Filing Your Lien

A mechanic’s lien is a statutory lien secured by real or personal property for labor or materials used to improve, maintain, or repair property. The mechanic’s lien provides a security interest that can be enforced by the holder against the piece of property if the debt is not paid. Our process of filing your mechanics lien is as follows:

  • We will provide you with our expertise, guidance, & strategy
  • We will prepare and file your lien
  • We will consult with you and navigate the pre-lien notices
  • We will manage disputes & negotiations on your behalf
  • We will enforce the lien
  • We will ensure compliance with legal requirements so you get paid
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To file a lien for your unpaid work, just give us a call to discuss your case.

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